How to Implement Artificial Intelligence to your Company’s Advantage

Prof. Gaetan Libert / Feb 17 , 2020

Within project planning, Artificial Intelligence is decision-making intelligence that integrates the success of the company, the satisfaction of its customers and the well-being of its human resources.

Savvy business leaders, enlightened project managers and motivated workers, all require methods of calculation and synthetic management of measurements and data. The difficulty is to then place them at the top of their domain. This is based on the ability of companies to apprehend strategic and operational contexts they might encounter, and to implement them accordingly.

It is fundamental to give companies the opportunity to reflect on the best ways to operate. This facilitates adaptation and prevents companies from getting locked into rigid, and often repetitive procedures that fail to consider the constantly evolving environment. Decision Intelligence therefore makes decisions that simulate managers’ abilities to adapt to the internal and external contexts of the company.

At PlanningForce, Decision Intelligence has been integrated into planning software for many years now. This offers companies the possibility to carry out a number of different simulations that take into account a number of different components as well as the specific skills of the available human resources in order to ensure that their wishes are met. 

It is now important to implement this Decision Intelligence in all the different operations and actions that make up project planning. As companies are constantly changing and evolving, Decision Intelligence must therefore be continuously adapted and memorized according to its context. Its automatic learning is a priority in the development of project planning software.

Where does one find this Decision Intelligence? From people who make either strategic, tactical or operational decisions. The manager is then mainly involved in strategic decisions, project managers can efficiently organize customer orders and production managers and workers implement the achievements to the best of their professional expertise. It is important that the various levels of decision making are reflected through the use of Decision Intelligence. They must therefore constitute the guiding structure for the development of planning that best matches the reality of the company.


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