What is the Return on Investment of PlanningForce?

PlanningForce / Jul 04 , 2020

PlanningForce’s automated scheduling engine provides businesses with functionality and visibility in order for them to ensure that resources are used and allocated optimally, as well as efficiently tracked and managed. Thanks to powerful resource planning and scheduling, client businesses record a significant rise in resource allocation optimization and thus in productivity too. This benefit has a strong impact on the bottom-line.

With PlanningForce, you expect to benefit in the following 3 areas: project execution speed, bottom line returns to business and increased project management efficiency. These entail advantages such as more agile resource allocation, focus on high value projects and faster decisions based on rigorous, systematic analysis.

PlanningForce can help companies increase their overall performance in the short term. They do it by improving their use of resources. By optimizing the use of resources, companies can carry out more projects per span of time. This is done by limiting bottlenecks and using critical resources more optimally. Avoiding the untimely use of external resources and subcontractors improves the use of resources as companies also avoid penalties caused by late deliveries.

With PlanningForce, companies also react better when they are faced with disruptive events. They better counter potential complications such as absence of specific resources, changes in priorities, the introduction of new urgent tasks that need immediate action and any other unexpected occurrences that could disturb the planning. They quickly work on new planning solutions that minimize the negative impacts of the potential disturbances mentioned on current project and resources portfolios.

PlanningForce can also help to boost the overall performance in the medium and long term. To do so, PlanningForce presents a simulation engine which can simulate the impacts that various modifications linked to projects and resources could have on the overall performance of the company.

This engine can simulate an array of different scenarios that enable the company to limit the impacts of any potential future incidents. On the other hand, the tool can help companies to choose the right project for them as they can analyse which projects generate the highest return.

The following figures are based on in- depth interviews with organisations that are successfully using PlanningForce and highlight the true value of PlanningForce. The research results illustrate key benefits of PlanningForce. Overall staff productivity is reported to have increased by an average of 14%. By better allocating adequate resources to the various projects, project failure rate would have decreased by 59% and the number of projects completed on time would have increased by 35%. As a result, the number of projects with cost overruns is also limited, as managers keep projects closer to set budgets. The number of projects with cost overruns of projects would have decreased by 37%. Time spent planning and re-planning is reduced by 38% using PlanningForce’s automated scheduling engine.


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