Custom Development

Let us develop what exactly fits your specific requirements.

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Custom Development

Let us customize the solution to suit your specific requirements and experience.


Custom Development

Custom Development covers the specific development of business rules, algorithms, third-party software interfaces, reports and dashboards, which will be added to the standard modules of PlanningForce, via plugins, in order to meet specific requirements or peculiarities of business processes.

“PlanningForce is a very open solution, and with it one can accomplish a great deal. It is important to consult PlanningForce in order to discover how the solution can be customized to obtain optimal results.”

Steven Loyens, Arch Insurance


Custom development supports PlanningForce’s standard products in order to promote clear and transparent collaboration rules.

Concepts such as standardization, the planning cycle, decompartmentalization of resources, arbitration and data historization highlight the gains offered by a methodology that improves the company’s collaborative processes.

The pieces of the PlanningForce methodology can therefore be seen as pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that logically fit together. Each player develops a coherent picture of the company and the role they have to play within it. This shared, coherent and intelligible image of the company is what we call ‘the same version of reality for all’.

Thanks to intelligent interfaces and the development of precise business rules and dashboards, automatically created on the basis of reliable data, PlanningForce gives company managers the possibility to provide each actor with ‘the same version of reality’ at all times. This allows them to know who does what and when, to communicate the essentials, to include everyone in the company project, to focus on their own tasks and to propagate the values of fairness and transparency.

Custom interfaces

On the basis of the specifications provided during the data flow design phase, the development team develops the interfaces that will take place between the different elements of the information system. PlanningForce’s API and web services will serve as the basis for the development of the custom interfaces, which will speed up and standardize this development phase.

Custom development

The desired adaptations that should be made to the standard solution are developed and tested. The plug-in integrating the various custom developments is then added to the standard solution. This plug-in technique ensures that the company can benefit from the evolution of the standard version. It also facilitates upgrading the scope of specific developments at a later date without fear of regression.

Custom reporting

In addition to the standard reports and dashboards provided by PlanningForce, we will develop customized reports. These may serve to automate the production of corporate reports that were previously done manually by collecting and consolidating data from different sources. Specific dashboards will also be developed to track the evolution of the company’s performance over time, including the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that have been chosen to represent this performance and the company’s objectives.


What fits to your needs