Process Consultancy

Let us make your processes more efficient and designed with global optimization in mind.

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Process Consultancy

Let us make your processes more efficient by focusing on global optimization.


Process Consultancy

Starting from the identification of your needs, we analyze the various dimensions of your processes and provide you with an analytical report that will serve as the foundation for the solution blueprint. Process Consultancy services also cover the design of the new or updated processes as well as the design of the user roles and use cases of the future solution.

“PlanningForce gives us a clear view on how to plan our industrial processes.”

Alessandro Caleffi, Bridgestone


In an economic context where most companies can no longer rely on a buoyant market to ensure sufficient operating profit, companies now seek new ways to optimize their operating processes in order to restore or increase their profitability or, simply, to offer them new opportunities.

Seeking to optimize the company’s operations naturally leads to analyzing the mechanisms that create value and thinking about how to increase the efficiency of operations.

Optimizing the company’s operations will mean being more commercially opportunistic, shortening R&D development cycles and the introduction of new products, making better use of resource potential, reducing production costs (being leaner) and, lastly, reducing structural and management costs.

PlanningForce’s deployment methodology has been developed to give managers the means to achieve these objectives. This is done based on the definition and implementation of new processes that act in conjunction with the new management tools and ERP systems already in place.

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We carry out an assessment of the AS IS situation by meeting the main players, discovering the production environment and identifying performance challenges. We define the TO BE principles on the basis of the management’s objectives, translated into meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We then draw up a step-by-step roadmap and submit a budget offer (effort and money) to implement the new solution.

Processes analysis

We carry out an in-depth analysis of the steering puzzle on dimensions such as organisation, workflows, procedures, management systems and tools as well as data. We then map the processes, data structures and information flows before designing a comprehensive solution blueprint for the overall improvement of business performance supported by the implementation and monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Solution design

We design an ” in the lab ” solution based on the steering puzzle by developing a business model. The model describes the incoming data (e.g. projects, resources, constraints), specific business rules, interfaces with third-party solutions, data processing, user roles, access rights, workflows and a detailed description of the functionalities associated with each user role, as well as the outgoing data translated into reports and dashboards.

Use cases design

On the basis of the solution design, we develop the different use cases that will illustrate how the solution can realistically be used. These use cases reflect the different stages of the plan-execution-progress-analysis cycles (PDCA cycles) that will take place in accordance with the newly designed processes and sub-processes. They also reflect the different realistic situations that users may face on a daily basis when, for example, they have to deal with unexpected incidents or events.


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