Strategic Consultancy

Let us help you design and implement various strategies to improve your overall performance.

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Strategic Consultancy

Let us help you design and implement strategies to improve your overall performance.


Strategic Consultancy

Strategic Consultancy are services designed to help the company that has implemented PlanningForce to get the most out of its new solution. These services range from performance analysis to the design and implementation of strategies to improve resource utilization, reduce time-to-market for new products, increase project profitability, reduce customer turnover or increase employee satisfaction.

“PlanningForce is not only a solution, it is also a skilled team which allows for the most pertinent implementation of the solution for every case.”

Hugues Langer, Sonaca


Numerous strategies to improve the overall performance of your company can be designed and implemented by combining PlanningForce tools and management concepts from the ELP.

These performance improvements will be implemented through strategies that aim to :

– Simplify the complexity and speed of information processing
– Improve multi-level decision-making management
– Lighten the management structure
– Make better use of human and material resources
– Implement a dynamic and bi-directional S&OP process
– Design a simulation environment (e.g. to create budget forecasts, contingency plans, training and recruitment plans, etc.).
– Increase the valorization of existing information systems (e.g. ERP systems)
– Automate the production of dashboards
– Reduce the prevalence of psychosocial illnesses

Resource usage improvement

We can help you to design and implement strategies that will eliminate bottlenecks that reduce overall resource use throughout the value chain. We can also help you to reduce outsourced work in order to encourage and increase the use of internal resources. Conversely, we can help to identify which productions or tasks would improve the overall use of internal resources, if outsourced. We can also help you to optimize the workforce in terms of numbers and skills in order to obtain optimal use of your resources according to various production scenarios and business trends.

Time-to-market reduction

We can help you to reduce the time to market for new products by implementing optimization strategies that begin at the very start of projects. For example, by being more selective with new projects that will be introduced into your portfolio and the optimization of task execution throughout the project lifecycle. Because reducing time-to-market (which is achieved when you can accelerate the R&D, prototyping, testing and industrialization phases) is largely a matter of getting the right people/skills in the right place at the right time, we will help you to implement strategies that ensure the right resources are allocated, whether they are production or project management related. We will further assist you in designing strategies that reduce changes in priority once projects have started, but also detect when to stop a project if it appears to be harming the rest of the portfolio.

S&OP optimization

We can help you to design and implement techniques to dynamically integrate your sales process into your operations process. This aims to speed up the sales cycle, but also makes it more reliable in terms of delivery capacity and expected return. We will also help you to implement strategies that will make it easier for you to detect which opportunities are good and which should be ignored. Conversely, we will help you to design more aggressive and opportunistic sales processes by looking at capacity (considering the capabilities and skills of resources) and identifying what could be sold and produced to meet changing market demand.

More performance improvement strategies …

Furthermore, we can help you to design and implement many other strategies to improve your overall performance. These include strategies to identify the most profitable investments, compose the “ideal” project portfolio, better recruit your future employees, build successful long-term relationships with your best contractors, reduce avoidable risks, learn how to better deal with unavoidable risks, develop agility in project management, find the right balance between waterfall and agile management techniques, mitigate the negative impact of change requests, and finally to avoid frequent changes in project priorities.


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