Training & Support

Let us train your staff to master the solution that will allow them to exploit the full potential of your business.

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Training & Support

Let us train your staff to master the solution that will allow them to exploit the full potential of your business.


Training and Support

Training and support covers the design and creation of the training material for the various user groups as well as the training sessions themselves. The training material is based on practical use cases as defined in the analysis phase. Follow-up and support consists of providing regular and on-demand support, both online and on site, to users once the system is up and running.

“Thank you for your communicative enthusiasm and for the very professional training and proactive follow-up !”

Lionel Dupont, Biebuyck

Training and

Once the system is ready to go into production, we will train your staff to generate significant performance gains from the new system in a natural and painless way.

Well trained in the new way of organizing and planning their work, staff will be able to collaborate better and make better decisions faster. This will allow them to tap into the productivity reserves that lie hidden within the company’s value chain.

They will learn to design and implement PDCA-like planning cycles and understand how to decompartmentalize services to better share knowledge and resources. They will also learn to optimize planning, perform simulations and trade-offs for better decision-making, and analyze performance reports to implement increasingly effective sales and operations strategies.

Most importantly, they will learn to consider their company as a whole, whose complexity can be mastered when the right business methods revolve around the right management tools.

Training support design

On the basis of the scope of the solution and the designed use cases, we prepare customized user manuals and training materials. Data used during training is also prepared for the various user groups. Technical documentation for the customer’s IT teams that will be used for the installation and maintenance of the solution is established (e.g. architecture and security documentation, software package installation documentation, detailed specification documentation).

Training and coaching

We train end-users based on their user profile and validate their ability to use the solution in production. We conduct the training in small groups to encourage the active participation of each person. Training is organized so as not to disrupt day-to-day activities (we favour small sessions and practical exercises that can be carried out outside of training time). We also offer a “train-the-trainer” type of coaching to the clients’ internal trainers if they wish to carry out this task themselves.

Performance follow-up

Performance follow-up is a consulting service provided both on a regular basis or on request. It offers an array of different services, such as continuous training, in particular advanced training to increase the level of expertise of certain users, a performance analysis and identification of opportunities for improvement (see Strategic Consultancy), functional support in the broadest sense (data modelling, analysis of results, description of use cases, etc.) and the analysis of the need for new functionalities.


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