Technical Consultancy

Let us design the intelligence that will steer your operations in an optimal and secure manner.

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Technical Consultancy

Let us design the intelligence that will steer your operations in an optimal and secure manner.


Technical Consultancy

Technical Consultancy services consist of analyzing the data flows between the various software products and database of you information system and, based on the solution blueprint, designing the interfaces that need to be realized between all of these software packages. Technical Consultancy services also cover the prototyping of the solution, the data migration, and performance testing.

“During an ISO audit by Vinçotte, PlanningForce was identified as one of the strongest points.”

Laurent Boudjemaa, Lefort


The new system will create gateways between the planning system (which in many ways can be considered the heart of the company) and various management systems, such as the ERP systems and databases that either feed it with inputs (incoming data) or benefit from its outputs (outgoing data).

These software gateways help to increase speed and reliability. They put an end to the multiple manual data entries that lead to errors and omissions. They can also add value to what already exists, especially when they take information from different sources and assemble it into richer, more complex objects.

In addition to simplifying data entry and the automatic creation of objects, interfacing allows the creation of a true information supply chain where inputs, processing, outputs and analyzes form a logical and integrated chain. The software building blocks that are already in place (e.g. ERP systems) are all the more valued.

The benefits of interfacing can also be found in the orchestration of these exchanges where, like in a real orchestra, each software program plays its specific score, while being synchronized with the rest of the other software programs on the management platform, based on the well-defined rules within PlanningForce.

Data flow design

On the basis of the solution blueprint and process design phases, we design the way data should flow between the different information systems and databases once PlanningForce is in place. We identify the best way to interconnect these systems with each other through intelligent interfacing processes that will enrich or correct the data during the execution of these processes.

Custom development design

On the basis of the solution design specifications, we design the various custom development elements to be carried out by the development team. Custom development covers user interfaces, specific business rules, adaptation of algorithms and specific reports and dashboards. It consists of designing mock-ups and detailed technical specifications that will be used both to validate the custom development and to communicate the specifications to the development team.

Solution prototyping

We create a prototype that will validate the problem solving approach as described in the solution design phase. This prototype is used, among other things, to evaluate and validate the planning and scheduling results. Integration tests are then performed once the interface points are operational. This framework allows the solution and processes to be refined based on an agile development technique.

Data migration

We retrieve existing data (projects, resources, calendars, clients, articles, etc.) and transform it so that it can be used in the new system without users having to re-enter such data or make additional entries.

Performance testing

We conduct tests according to use cases and simulate real operating conditions in order to validate the results of the planning process, the performance (speed), the data flow efficiency and the data integrity in the different systems.


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