Where do I gain with PlanningForce – part 1

Alain – 15 aug 2020

With the help of PlanningForce, your company can optimize its global performance through the exploitation of previously non-integrated and non-optimised planning processes. PlanningForce therefore facilitates the pairing of rewarding projects with the resources you have at hand. Below are some of the gains generated with the help of PlanningForce.

The introduction of stability and realism into the system will have a smoothing effect on workloads and will significantly reduce bottlenecks.

Optimized Resource Use will happen by minimizing bad stress, as you then maximize the profitability of your associates’ productive time.

With PlanningForce, this gain is obtained by modeling each resource according to its competency profile. This is done by identifying critical competencies and skills and by cross-functional planning of the company’s activity, based on the required competencies. Thanks to this approach, the calculation engine can find planning solutions that optimize production, while smoothing the workload.

PlanningForce also optimizes New Product Development. You will be able to improve how projects are selected, resources are allocated and how change is managed. You will keep your deadlines, build customer satisfaction and bring new products to market quicker ever.

With the help of PlanningForce, this gain is achieved by carefully selecting projects from the project portfolio and end dates. This is done more reliably thanks to tools and techniques such as the application of models, simultaneously planning the entire project portfolio along with resources, the prioritization of projects as a function of the different weighting criteria and the “rolling wave planning” technique, which combines detailed, short-term tasks with more long-term tasks, ensuring that the necessary resources will be available into the future.

This new-found visibility will let you shorten the duration of sales cycles, thus improving Sales Performance. You can then concentrate on business deals that provide better profit margins, customize your marketing more dynamically, and be more incisive in sales negotiations.

With PlanningForce, these gains are the result of marketing tactics carried out at the right time. They are a function of when new products come to market, determined by applying the backward scheduling technique. It is also calculated with the   help of a technique specific to PlanningForce that dynamically determines the cost of each new order to the overall project portfolio.

The marketing mix is then adjusted to optimize the sales potential and the firm’s production potential. In so doing, the break-even point is attained faster, and the business decisions are coordinated with production to maximize profit margins.


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