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INASEP chooses PlanningForce to plan all the projects and resources of the four departments of its Study bureau, which represents more than 500 projects and 100 people to be planned and scheduled over one year.

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Bridgestone Europe (BSEU) chooses PlanningForce to optimize the planning phase of the introduction of it new products - on average 600 in one year - and to monitor the progress of the portfolio through a bi-directional interface with their ERP system.

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Sonaca chooses PlanningForce to design a 5-year strategic plan for its study bureau. Creation of a long-term model that allows different scenarios to be run and quickly adapted over time as events occur.

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KCE chooses PlanningForce to design and monitor the plan for all the studies they need to conduct over a 2 year period. All resources, both internal and external, are planned accordingly. Interfacing with third party systems allows for fast and accurate reporting.

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