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Mecar chooses PlanningForce to solve the complexity of planning and scheduling its entire order portfolio across the different workshops and workstations and to optimize its supply chain accordingly, as well as to monitor the daily progress of tasks at workstation level.

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Lundebeck chooses PlanningForce to plan all the activities of its laboratory which works in relation with the clinical studies department. Recurrent and non-recurrent activities are planned and scheduled together with the different human and non-human resources that need to be assigned to them.

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Beldico chooses PlanningForce to optimize its production planning in relation to the two ERP systems (SAP for sales and procurement and Adfinity from Easi for production) that cover the entire supply chain process of the company.

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Nexter Systems

Nexter Systems chooses PlanningForce to design both the long term plan (up to 10 years) and the short term plan (up to 3 months). It takes into account the large amount of data (more than 300,000 tasks and 1,200 resources) to be planned simultaneously. A bi-directional interface with the ERP system supports this complex process.

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KCE chooses PlanningForce to design and monitor the plan for all the studies they need to conduct over a 2 year period. All resources, both internal and external, are planned accordingly. Interfacing with third party systems allows for fast and accurate reporting.

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