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Irepa Laser

Levels implemented :
L2 – Tactical   |   L3 – Operational     L4 – Execution

Services used :

Process Consultancy   |   Technical Consultancy   |   Custom Development   |   Training and Support     IT and Hosting

Products used :
APS   |   TRP     TEA     API     ADM

They lead in

IREPA is a leading French company in the field of lasers. The company produces lasers and uses them to fulfil specific requests coming from the industry. IREPA also takes part in various significant long-term European projects.


IREPA has to juggle a number of projects simultaneously, while their resources, be they human or material, are limited. It is therefore rather complex to allocate them to projects, in order to satisfy customers. The company was using Excel to try and manage this complexity, but faced many limitations and difficulties. This was apparent, especially when they needed to update projects and generate reliable projections. On top of that, Excel could not be interfaced with their third-party systems such as the accounting, the CRM, and the HR systems.


IREPA wanted to replace Excel, as they realised that Excel was the source of disorganization and many difficulties encountered by the company. Instead, the company wanted to structure their processes and obtain greater control over its activities and financials. 

As IREPA belongs to the Strasbourg Community, it is important that they demonstrate good management practices and provide full transparency concerning the use of public funding. IREPA Laser wanted to find a solution that embraced their entire complexity in order to meet interface requirements, project updating, communication, resource usage and financials.

Product:   APS   |   TRP   |   TEA   |   API   |   ADM


The solution that was implemented within IREPA covers most of the modules and levels in PlanningForce. Other than L1, the company has chosen to implement all solutions offered by PlanningForce. PlanningForce is highly integrated with the following third-party solutions: accounting, HR and CRM. Most of these solutions come from Sage. PlanningForce’s API is thus solicited by all commercial, operational and financial processes. 

New projects come from the CRM. They are then detailed by the Project Managers, and the Project Management Office centralizes them in the Tactical module where they are both priced and tentatively scheduled. If the project is confirmed, it officially enters planning, alongside the rest of the current and future projects. Once scheduled, the resources receive their task allocations weekly. On a daily basis, the Project Managers monitor their projects, and record any progress. 

Once a week, the latter is centralized in L2. Based on the progress, financials and reporting information is published, again via the API. Other data, such as HR information related to working time and absences is also directly linked to PlanningForce.


  • Heart of the information and management systems of IREPA

  • Top management gains visibility on existing project and resource portfolios

  • Simulations anticipate the needs of resources and better commit on delivery dates

  • Administrative work is reduced

  • Errors are eliminated

  • “Fully automatic” mode dramatically reduced the duration of most processes.

  • Exemplary Management within the Strasbourg Community

Levels:  L2L3L4