Life Sciences – Phase 1 Clinical Studies


Levels implemented :
L2 – Tactical   |   L3 – Operational

Services used :

Process Consultancy   |   Technical Consultancy     Custom Development   |   Training and Support     IT and Hosting

Products used :
APS     TRP   |   TEA   |   DWH   |   ARA   |   API   |   CDA   |   ADM     LDP

They lead in

Pfizer is a leading business in the Life Sciences Industry. Pfizer conducts clinical trials and boasts two
Clinical Research Unit sites. The first is located in New Haven in the United States, and the second is
located in Anderlecht, Belgium.


Both Clinical Research Unit sites use Excel to schedule Phase 1 clinical trials. The plans are very
complex and need to respect very thorough execution protocols. Excel becomes too heavy to allow
the planners to make the most of the costly and rare resources to conduct the studies, be they
internal or external (like CROs).


Pfizer Clinical Research Unit (or PCRU) wanted to benefit from a solution that automatically generated an optimal plan for both sites. They sought to decrease planning time while making better use of their available capacity, in order to reduce the time-to-market for new molecules and medicines. Thanks to this new planning system, Pfizer aims to generate reports and statistics more easily. In a second phase, they would also need to replace their operational planning system to benefit from a fully integrated tactical and operational planning system.

Product:  APS   |   TRP   |   TEA   |   DWH   |   ARA   |   API   |   CDA   |   ADM   |   LDP


Phase 1

In a first phase, we propose to implement PlanningForce Tactical on both sites, and at the head of
Pfizer’s Clinical Research Unit. The head of Pfizer’s Clinical Research Unit will therefore obtain full
visibility to monitor the resource usage taking place on both sites and will be able to test how to
further optimize it. All stakeholders, such as recruitment, pharmacy, laboratories, and PMs have
access to the plan. PlanningForce also proposes to create a wizard that will help carry out these tasks
at a faster pace and with greater ease.

Phase 2

In a second phase, we propose to develop specific features to match operational requirements and
integrate them into the existing LIMS and task execution system.


  • The pilot has been successfully conducted

  • The solution is effectively carried out

  • Solution is a “game changer”

Levels:  L2L3