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SOTRABA chooses PlanningForce to plan all its new construction projects, from the introduction of a sales opportunity to the daily monitoring of the execution of works on site.

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STAS chooses PlanningForce to automate and optimize its S&OP process in conjunction with its proprietary ERP system … and becomes “Factory of the Future”. Stunning result !

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INASEP chooses PlanningForce to plan all the projects and resources of the four departments of its Study bureau, which represents more than 500 projects and 100 people to be planned and scheduled over one year.

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Punch Powertrain

Punch Powertrain chooses PlanningForce to plan and schedule all its R&D projects and resources and to monitor the work in order to update the progress of the project portfolio on a monthly basis and, so, facilitate reporting and the introduction of new projects.

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OTIS has chosen PlanningForce to plan and schedule all projects and resources of its IT department in the BENELUX. Planning combines large projects (such as the replacement of the ERP system) with smaller ones with the same ease and performance.

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Bridgestone Europe (BSEU) chooses PlanningForce to optimize the planning phase of the introduction of it new products - on average 600 in one year - and to monitor the progress of the portfolio through a bi-directional interface with their ERP system.

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Maisons du Nord

Maisons du Nord chooses PlanningForce to simultaneously plan its entire project portfolio, which includes more than 175 new homes to be built per year. They use the solution from central planning to monitoring execution on the ground using a mobile device.

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Lefort chooses PlanningForce to simultaneously plan all projects in production. The result is better resource utilization, an improved S&OP process and faster and clearer reporting.

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Irepa Laser

Irepa Laser chooses PlanningForce to plan its production and all human and non-human resources involved in the planning & scheduling process. The solution is dynamically interfaced with several third-party systems, including SAGE.

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Pfizer selects PlanningForce to plan and schedule its Phase 1 clinical studies at its two sites in New Haven (USA) and Anderlecht (Belgium). Implementation takes place in 2020.

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